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Client Range

Tech-Docs has built an impressive portfolio of clients from small and medium sized companies including industrial, oil distribution, hospitality, heritage, landscaping, and garden machinery businesses.


Competitve Advantage

One of the key factors that set Tech-Docs apart from the competition is our background in technical writing. Our skills of understanding the audience and quickly gathering information in IT production environments gives us a competitive advantage. Here at Tech-Docs we excel at developing this information into rich content that is clear, well written and easy to understand.


Case Studies

Here we present to you some case studies from our past projects so that you may judge our capability and experience for yourself.

Personal Executive Protection Service (PEPS)

This re-development of the PEPS website includes details of the multiple detective and investigative services that James "Bre" Breletic provides.

The Testimonial and Profile pages authenticate the credibility of the PEPS services and allow a personal introduction to Bre.

Additional functionality includes accordion style expanding content, Flash images, RSS news feeds, and an enquiry form.

Hyperlink to PEPS website
Greene's Forge

Padraig Greene's new website relates the professionalism of the craftsmen and the quality of their steel and wrought ironwork to their online visitors.

Additional functionality includes a pop-up location map, galleries of products and CAD drawings, order and enquiry form, and optimised rotating images.

Clients are able to peruse product galleries leisurely in the comfort of their own home. This closes sales and saves Padraig hours.

Hyperlink to Greene's Forge website
Beechlawn Organic Farm

Tech-Docs recognised the achivements of Padraig Fahy and Úna Ní Bhroin in the establishment of Beechlawn Organic Farm and presented a proposal to bring their work to the attention of a wider online customer base.

Additional functionality includes accordion controls displaying newsletters and press releases, enquiry form, sign up for gift tokens and newsletters, and optimised rotating images.

Hyperlink to Beechlawn Organic Farm website
Harry's Grove House

Harry and Regina Kancz-Schrag are experienced hoteliers and restaurateurs and opened their B&B in 2000.

They required a new website that does they business justice and discloses the secret that Harry's Grove House is much more than a B&B favoured by golfing enthusiasts and visitors from abroad.

This site captures the tasteful decoration throughout and the warms of their hositality.

Hyperlink to Harry's Grove House website
Duffy's Hire Centre

Fergal Duffy required a new website to reflect the dynamic development of Duffy's Hire Centre. The new site displays the new facility of the plant and tool hire company, its plant and tool hire, as well as new equipment and construction material sales.

The comprehensive range of tools, building and garden products and supplies are also displayed through optimised rotating images.

The online enquiry form enables customers to easiy book, order and submit enquiries.

Hyperlink to Duffy's Hire Centre website
Laurel Lodge

Marie and Eamon McManus chose Tech-Docs to build a website that presents the unique features of their guesthouse. It describes the character of the rooms and communal areas.

Attention has been paid to the attractions and activities that abound in the locality. Additional functionality includes optimised rotating images.

Hyperlink to Laurel Lodge website

Patrick King approached Tech-Docs to professionally redesign and redevelop his website.

This site presents clear descriptions and images of the services that K.P. Landscapes provides. Details of sample clients and showcases the work undertaken for them.

Additional functionality includes optimised rotating images and online enquiry form.

Hyperlink to K.P. Landscapes website
Hurney's Forge
No longer live

A dual function site that promotes custom hand built trailers by Hurney's Trailers, as well as descibing the family history of Hurney's Forge and drawing attention to the heritage projects of Paddy Hurney.

Additional functionality includes rotating images, online previews of heritage DVD's, secure online order faclity, and sales processing gateway.

Hyperlink to Hurney's Forge website
Garbally Oil Company
Tech-Docs developed this sister site to www.flahertyfuel.com for Garbally Oil Company with its own company identity and the corporate look and feel.
Hyperlink to Garbally Oil Company website
Birr Oil Company
Tech-Docs developed this sister site to www.flahertyfuel.com for Birr Oil Company with its own company identity and the corporate look and feel.
Hyperlink to Birr Oil Company website
Flaherty Fuel Oils Ltd.
The directors commissioned Tech-Docs to professionally redesign and redevelop their website. Additional functionality includes an interactive map of their distribution map, secure online order facility, and daily retail fuel price updates.
Hyperlink to Flaherty Fuel Oils Ltd. website
Gerry Croffey Lawnmowers and Garden Machinery

Tech-Docs recognised that Gerry has built a successful and award winning lawnmower and garden machinery business and approached Gerry to represent his business and accolades online.

The site includes full details of his services and an extensive product catalogue.

Hyperlink to Gerry Croffey Lawnmowers and Garden Machinery website
Gullane's Hotel
No longer live

Following recent refurbishments Tech-Docs contacted the proprietor, Tomás Gullane to represent his historical family run hotel online.

Tech-Docs captured the style and character of the hotel with photographs and the services with written content and an online booking request form.

Hyperlink to Gullane's Hotel website
Parkmore Switchgear Ltd.

Parkmore Switchgear chose Tech-Docs to develop its website. Corporate colours and the company logo are used throughout for company branding, identification and for consistancy.

The site describes the company, its infinite product range, and promotes the service range.

Hyperlink to Parkmore Switchgear Ltd. website
Hyland Lawnmowers
No longer live

The proprietor of Hyland Lawnmowers, Brian Hyland, approached Tech-Docs to build a website to represent his business and present his wide range of products and services.

The template design identifies the close association of Hyland Lawnmowers with their supplier Husqvarna.

Hyperlink to Hyland Lawnmowers website

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