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Network Solutions - Sun Microsystems



Sun Microsystems is a leading provider of industrial-strength hardware, software, and services that make the Net work.


Sun Microsystems requested to carry out research for the proposed development of an Accessibility Guide for the flagship desktop product, GNOME on the Solaris operating platform.

The investigation into the extensive existing and developing assistive technology, and the desktop functionality resulted in the delivery of the completed draft in XML using StarOffice and Abortext AdeptEditor.

Selected additional documents were transformed to SGML, and SGML Man Pages converted to XML.

Contributions were also made to the Sun Corporate Editorial Standards, Quality Procedures, GNOME 2.0 on Solaris User Guide, GNOME Documentation Style Guide, and the GNOME Technical Writers Forum.



"Gordon worked with my company, Golitho Consultants, as part of a consultancy project for Sun Microsystems, based at East Point in Dublin.

Gordon was primarily assigned to research the requirements for an Accessibility Guide for a new desktop. He also worked on other documentation requirements associated with the new desktop, as required.

Under my project leadership and guidance, he worked on the following specific items:

  • • GNOME 2.0 on Solaris Accessibility Guide Documentation Plan

  • • GNOME 2.0 on Solaris Accessibility Guide (draft 1)

  • • Testing and quality assurance of online user guide information

  • • Accessibility-related topics for the online user guide

  • • Conversion of SGML Man Pages to XML

Gordon proved to be a willing colleague. I recommend him and wish him the best of luck in his future career in the field."

Patrick Costello, Managing Director and Chief Information Design Consultant, Golitho Consultants

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